\Tem”plar\ n. 2. A student of law, so called from having apartments in the Temple at London, the original buildings having belonged to the Knights Templar.


\Le”gion\ n. 3. A great number; a multitude.*

Templar Legion LLC was founded by Jonathan Paul, an attorney and entrepreneur, who recognized the need to assist individual owners and start-up companies with learning the basics of business law. When he co-founded an online education company in 1999, it cost tens of thousands of dollars just to develop a basic website. Today, there are tools that make it easy for anyone to follow a video online and create and host their own website for less than $100. With technology advancements in the legal field (like the online wizard available for any U.S. entity to file a trademark application), and screencasting that walks you through the “code” of otherwise complex transactions, everyone now has access to a legal self-help toolkit that will minimize business risks and increase valuations.

In over 15 years of advising entrepreneurs on legal matters, Paul saw too many owners making the same mistakes from the early stages of the idea through product or service launch. He also assisted several companies to sell equity or assets, and he recognized a pattern that any investor or buyer follows that few entrepreneurs are aware of (especially in the beginning) that are simple value-add steps.

As a business owner himself, Paul realized there are many moving parts to running a company, and the things that are the most complex (and boring), like accounting and legal, are the first that are moved to the back-burner until a crisis (taxes are due or a law suit is threatened). With this knowledge – and his background as a History major at a military college, combat experience as an officer in the Navy, and attorney, Paul developed the Templar Legion course to make it more interesting and manageable for anyone to complete the modules and build the legal foundation that every successful company needs. Each module is designed as a “Mission” to get you through attainable steps with concrete objectives.

The course is not a substitute for calling in the cavalry (a licensed attorney) when needed, but it will create a defensive shield and arm you with many weapons that will mitigate liability that every entrepreneur faces when providing goods and services. Several attorneys who Paul discussed the Templar Legion concept with agreed that if clients had these protections in place early on, if there was anything left to salvage, businesses would save thousands of dollars in clean-up costs when the cavalry did arrive.


*Source: Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) [web1913]

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